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Wholesale Food Containers

Pak Man Packaging and Supply Company stocks an extensive inventory of food and beverage containers, covering every possible need and use for customers in food, beverage and hospitality. We carry three distinctive materials, each with different benefits: foam, microwavable, and plastic. The microwavable containers, for example, are stronger and heat tolerant, so they are often used for soups and other hot liquids, or as long term food storage. Foam products are more economical for one-time use situations. And our beverage containers--bottles, jugs, and even a disposable beverage box for carrying coffee--are some of our best products. A list of what we carry (and each product contains a number of variations).

 Except for our paper souffle cups, all of these items have lids and serve wonderfully as to-go containers. Pak Man Packaging and Supply Co. has been providing our products to greater Houston and customers nationwide for years. We will fill your order quickly and efficiently, and it will be shipped immediately.   For our walk- in customers who you come to the store, we will gladly bring your order out to your vehicle for you. Contact us today to learn further about our Container product line and the other products we provide to customers in food, beverage and hospitality.